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About Melodies


"Listen Melodies with Dolby Audio - Rich, Clear and Powerful Sound"

10 Oct 2010. It started as a radio wandering on fm as well as on web radios and after prompts of listening friends we decided to start our own radio in our first studio in Piraeus. Of course, setting up such a venture in Athens airwaves was impossible, so we used technology. In what we call internet radio. The idea was very good and it took no time for much thought. Besides, music existed, equipment existed, so nothing could stop us. His name? Melodies Web Radio. Favorite melodies of yesterday and today with a foreign repertoire and small installments of beloved Greek artists. Slogan of our station "Best Melodies Songs are here". At the same time, he started collaborating with Q STUDIOS, which takes over Melodies jingles and sweepers radio spots. 

15 May 2014.   Melodies Web Radio moving to the new facilities in Kifissia. 

01 July 2014. Melodies Web Radio participates and wins the 2nd Easy Listening Awards among 58 European Internet radio stations in the Munich competition. 

08 January 2018. Melodies Web Radio goes into a new season. With slogans such as "New Year, New Sound" or "The Jazz Sound of Athens", Melodies changes music style and goes on new radio paths. A journey to music and its most important moments. From jazz and ambient to lounge and chilli through the exclusive music collaboration of Free Songs. At the same time, co-operation (beyond Q studios) with Music Radio Creative, based in London, for the creation of English-speaking radio spots is being launched, as the listeners mainly come from abroad. 

10 January 2018. It is divided into 24-hour music bands from Monday to Sunday so the listener knows what he is listening to every moment.